Meditation, Massage, Monkeys and Magic!

It's the start of a New Year! 
I believe I can be happy with just the above M's. Can you? 

MEDITATION. Even if this means just a few moments for reflection on what it "all means", studies have shown everyone can benefit from a Daily Meditation Practice. Start your practice today! After one month, things in your life will have changed. It's kind of magical. Oh, but wait! That's the last one (see MAGIC below). 
Check our calendar for Sound Meditation Evenings with Emma Kupu Mitchell and other meditation with movement instruction. 

MASSAGE. Hands-on bodywork from a skilled professional can bring you to a place of healing on all levels. Just calling to schedule an appointment helps you feel better about yourself because it makes you understand that you're worth it! Frequency doesn't matter. Neither does style. It just feels great to feel cared for. Call one of our therapists directly to schedule an appointment today! 

MONKEYS. Can you watch the Spider Monkeys at the Honolulu Zoo without feeling amused? If you stand there long enough, they might make you laugh out loud. (I think that's part of their job description.) Laughing opens your lungs and heart. It's one of the fastest ways to feel Joy (the other is singing). And Joy is that emotion, similar to Happiness, but feels like it comes from inside, where we are connected to our own truth. This year, one of my goals is to recognize the Joy in and around me.
Spending time with people who nurture you and can make you laugh. See what's on our calendar for activities and events you and your friends can attend! (Look for Movie Nights, Intuitive Gatherings, etc.)

MAGIC. I didn't always think this way, and it used to sound odd when my clients called my work "Magic". Now I know better. Magic is everywhere, all the time! Magic is the greatest healer, the biggest clown, the gentlest delight! It is the act of Creation and Manifestation, and we all do it! And guess what? We can do it better (like all the other M's above) with practice! Start creating the Life of Your Dreams right now!
(Starting soon: Book Club, MOTH Nights with our expert therapists, etc.)


Dance Your Way to Health & Happiness!

Anytime you get the chance,
Instead of walking
Get up and dance!

If you liked that dance-walk video, you might also like this one.  

Instead of making me laugh, it just makes me FEEL HAPPY!


Hello Extraordinary People!

I am always on time. It is a rare occasion when I am tardy without advance notice. Rarer still, are the times when my host greets me with, "Oh, you're early!"

With that said, I will be repeating this mantra for the next few weeks, whenever I drive to The Healing Arts Center from Honolulu. "I am always on time. I am. Always. On. Time. Always."
Just letting all of you know that construction for the Honolulu Rail Project is ongoing in our area, and it looks like it will continue indefinitely. 
The good news is, other people know about this, so they avoid Kamehameha Highway.  

Here's the deal: 

There are rotating lane closures along Kamehameha Highway. 

I suggest you consult your favorite traffic app on your smartphone, or tune your radio to a station that gives traffic updates during the rush hour.  .

Whichever route you choose, I know will be here in perfect time! 

I'll see you when I see you!  

Love, Susan